Rarest Rubber Duck in the World

Today we are going to be talking about the rarest Rubber Duck in the entire world and why it's accumulating value

During the 2005s, people were spending, Americans were careless and more importantly in 2005, Axe just releashed it promo for it's Axe products. People who bought their products at their local Walmart received a exclusive little keychain Rubber Duck. Less than 1000 of these Ducks were given out. In 2007, recession has hit the United States and many people lost their jobs and the ducks were stopped being handed out. It wasn't until the economy recovered in 2009 that the economy got back together. With less than 1000 of these ducks in circulation, these ducks become more and more difficult to find, especially in good condition. Prices for these ducks range in the hundreds to sometimes even the thousands. Why would anyone even spend that much on a simple rubber duck? What made these Ducks so special? These were long time gifts given to little kids and nieces who absolutely loved the rubber ducks, many even starting their own Rubber Duck collections. These rubber ducks had ceremonic value to them. And can you really put a price on that?