IBM Cognos training - Handy Guide to Integrated Control Suite

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Exist Management LLC (ExistBI) is a leading provider of IBM Cognos training classes to clients in the US, Canada, UK and Europe.

The patent technology – Cognos Integrated Control Suite – offers content management, version control, deployment, source control, compliance reporting and recovery within the business analytics environment making it a crucial tool when used efficiently.

In your IBM Cognos training, you will discover that ICS (integrated control suite) is an effective tool when it comes to change management. It comes with an abundance of features to support business processes, policies and practices.

Developed and designed in combination with Financial and Pharmaceutical companies, ICS supports the requirements of Audits, Regulatory Reporting and Compliance by offering inclusive information on promotions and object changes. This lineage provides on the spot tracing reports delivered via development lifecycle in the production environment to the equivalent version of the Framework Manager Model.

Discover further some of the exciting features of ICS:

Client Versioning

The integrated control suite enables all the users with a version control feature for all the client documents such as Transformer model and Framework Manager. The biggest advantage of client versioning is that it’s done on a folder basis rather than an individual file basis. This protects new files not to get versioned when checked-in changes.

  • Versioning of the entire folder
  • Centrally Managed Repository
  • New project files get versioned automatically
  • Integrated security controls IBM Cognos authentication
  • Projects secured by group, users, or role

Version Control

The version control capabilities are encapsulated inside the supported studios and Cognos Connection. This comprises footnote for each view, save and comparing of the version of a report to another version between environments report locking and capabilities or within the same environment.

  • Check-in/out Workflow
  • Self-Service Deployment
  • Commentary on version changes
  • Compare across environments or between versions
  • Capability to relapse to the previous version

Recycle Bin

One of the biggest reasons to go for Integrated Control Suite is that it gives you your personal ‘Recycle Bin’ to recover any deleted item anytime. Admin will have access to a universal recycle bin that will store the deleted items of all the users that can be recovered when needed.

  • Individual recycle bin to individual user
  • Supports all IBM Cognos content
  • The recycle bin is securely accessed from Cognos Analytics
  • The administrator has full access to the global recycle bin
  • Recover reports, folder or a complete package

Deployment Manager

ICS provides a facility to migrate objects between environments (same or different) through Cognos Administration. There is no need to import, move files to another environment or export content.

Projects are easy to define by adding packages, reports, folders, etc. or by controlling the tagging features built inside an ICS. Tagging allows authors to tag a report version to be migrated from within the Studio offering them to indicate when the content is ready to deploy.

  • Self-service deployment
  • Shared project deployment through tagging 
  • Deployment tractability and history

Report Documenter

Every organization needs crucial information to be defined from the other ones. ICS captures vital information from reports definition and keeps it separated. This feature allows you to focus on the development lifecycle of the content of the company rather than worrying about the documentation that must convoy it. The report documenter is firmly integrated into the IBM Cognos studio so that right from the authorizing environment, the authors can document report definitions smoothly.    

  • Combined directly into the authorizing studio
  • Cures agile project development
  • Justify corporate audits
  • Quick PDF documentation
  • Document entire package or folders in bulk
  • Match corporate standards with customizable output

These are only a few of the features; you can discover many others when you learn the amazing integrated Control Suite in the IBM Cognos Training. ExistBI offer training in the United States, United Kingdom and Europe.