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My newest favourite city which I visited now


DAY 1 

We departed from Tirana to Amsterdam (becouse there were no flights from Tirana to Rotterdam) at 23:20 on 26 August and arrived on date 27 August at about 02:00 and the train from the airport to Rotterdam was cancelled and I ,my brother and my mom were shocked so we needed to go to Amsterdam first and then to Rotterdam ,we arrived at Rotterdam Centraal but we didn't which tram to get so we got a taxi and then we went to The Student Hotel so we departed from 23:20 from Tirana and we arrived at about 06:30 at our room to sleep .

So why did I travelled to Rotterdam you would say?

Because my brother is going to start university for Econometrics at Erasmus University .

After we slept about 3 hours me and my mom went to the brothers room where he is going to stay,and we found out that he was very sick and me and my mom went to the drug store to buy some paracetamol and our day was spent inside 

DAY 2 

Hopefully my brother was ok ? the next day and we went to his university and the ambassador of Albania  in The Netherlands Mrs.Adia Sakiqi (which is one of the cousins of my father)helped us with a car to go to my brother's university and we bought his books  ,they were so BIG.After that we visited some of the city  and we went to city centre which was Beurs and Lijbaan which were amazing .



I found out that there was an YEEZY shop but was far away from Rotterdam so we went there , but it was an magazine and we couldn't buy anything and we were sad and mad  in the same time it was far away and we spent a lot of time but anyway we spent the remaining time on Beurs again

DAY 4 

We went to IKEA which was really BIG and we bought so many things for my brothers thing,and that's how the day 4 was spent.

DAY 5 

We went to ING Bank ? to get an student account for my brother and we left an appointment so he is going to the bank again on 2 of September 

DAY 6 

This day is tomorrow but I think I will stay with my brother

The Rotterdam's blog isn't finished yet!