Best Tips That Will maximize your strength with Your Lucknow Call Girls

If you want to hire call girls for your personal physical enjoyment then we have some tips for you that you maximize your session and get maximum satisfaction.Our escorts are professional and know more about ,how to give top class satisfaction to her client.

Escorts are generally high class call girls. They do not spend night with you for mere money. Remember they can give you that sexual pleasure that you never gets from your girlfriend, wife or any prostitute. They are excellent in sex and are very professional in sexual acts. Let’s give you some tips to enjoy fullest with your independent escorts you are going to hire.

  1. Present a bouquet of red roses to your escort. It will not cost you much. But it will give your  Lucknow city call girls a feeling to enjoy the most with you. You might have enjoyed with many women in life but physical pleasure with an escort of high class is really special. So make you sex life special with lovely bouquet of red roses.
  2. Reserve a secret room where you and your escort will be alone. There should not be any disturbance. You can book a room in a hotel or if you are staying alone, your flat will be the best place.
  3. Decorate your room and if possible decorate with the pleats of red roses. Your bed cover should be neat and clean. Your VIP call girls in Lucknow  should feel that she is of utmost important for you today. Make her realise that she is special for you today and you wish to get special gift from her in the form of physical leisure.
  4. While she comes to your flat or hotel room, offer her some healthy drinks. Ask her what she prefers – soft drink or whisky. Then prepare the drink in front of her and make her drink with your own hand. This will make her special and she will surely present you her fullest sexual actions.
  5. Do not completely undress her on the first go. Take your time. First make her turn on and then go for the intercourse. Take her hand and kiss her hand first and then go on kissing her from her hand to neck.
  6. Kiss her forehead and close her eyes by kissing her eyes. Take her on your shoulder and go to your cosy bed. Then go on kissing her over her dress. Kiss her on all parts of the body from top to bottom.
  7. Remove her bangles slowly, and then remove her ear rings and then the other ornaments she was wearing. Then put your tongue on her naval and start licking and make her moan. Then taste her full body with your tongue over her dress.
  8. Then slowly undress her and see how she looks while she is naked. She is amazing – isn’t it? Enjoy your fullest. You may not get a second chance to take pleasure with a lovely girl like her any more in your life time.
  9. So put your tongue into her private part and start licking her pussy. Such a lovely pussy – you are really lucky to get this lovely pussy in position 69. Keep on licking until she cums.

Now finally get ready for the ultimate physical fun with the high profile escorts in Lucknow especially selected by you.